Commercial title insurance policies can be very complex and involve months of research. Add building renovations, zoning changes and multiple owners and that can make the process even more challenging. Our partnerships and backing by multiple underwriters will put your mind at ease and safeguard your investment.

Commercial Team

Ty Hendrick

Commercial Escrow Officer

As a Bell County native with over 17 years of title experience and a background in finance and underwriting, Ty has made it his goal to continue to grow our market and community. From zoning changes, survey complications, and tax issues- Ty has been able to find solutions in order to clear title and provide the best experience for our clients. He appreciates the challenges and uniqueness that comes with each transaction. When Ty isn’t curing title or at the closing table, he enjoys cooking up elaborate meals with his family, digging for arrowheads, and fishing.

Elise Adam-Buck

Commercial Escrow Officer

Belton Commercial Office

Office: (254) 613-5982


Elise joined our team in 2021, but she is no stranger to Central Texas. She earned her BBA with a double major in Insurance and Management from Baylor University in 1991. Soon after, she entered the world of title and with 30 years of experience made her way to Monteith where the family atmosphere won her over. Elise’s positive attitude coupled with her willingness to go above and beyond gives her the unique ability to address complex title situations with professionalism and grace. When Elise is not solving title issues, she enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, and gardening. Her favorite past time includes property rides with her family on their working family farm.

Connie Lemoine

Commercial Escrow Officer

Belton Commercial Office

Office: (254) 613-5983


Connie joined our team in 2022 as an experienced title examiner and escrow officer. With over 37 years of title experience, Connie’s understanding of commercial practices are top notch! Connie’s attention to detail and her knowledge of the closing process are unmatched. Her ability to be contract driven is an asset on every transaction she takes on, and her professionalism shines through. When Connie isn’t teaching, she is learning – she enjoys reading every book she can get her hands on. For more information on how Connie can assist you on your next transaction, contact her above.


The experience and financial stability of the underwriters we partner with allows our team to write successful commercial title policies for any need a client may have. These policies insure protection against loss that may arise from:

  • unknown title defects such as fraud, forged, unauthorized or improperly indexed deeds.
  • unrecorded liens such as unpaid taxes, utilities and mortgages.
  • boundary descriptions that are inconsistent with the area being used.
  • incorrect legal descriptions and errors in public records.

We have written commercial title policies on many businesses in the Central Texas including...

Grand Avenue Theater (Entertainment)

Panda Energy (Industrial)

Turtle Creek Apartments (Multi-Family)

Legacy Landing Apartments (Multi-Family)

Monteith Ranch (Land Development)

Villas on the Hill (Multi-Family)

Today's Car Wash (Commercial)

1031 Exchange

A 1031 Exchange is a transaction that allows investors to sell assets and acquire other assets as replacements to defer capital gains tax. By utilizing a 1031 Exchange, clients are able to maximize their capital by deferring the taxes that would otherwise be incurred on an outright sale of their property and use the entire amount of the equity from the 1031 Exchange to acquire substantially more replacement property. Properly structured, a 1031 Exchange becomes an invaluable tax savings and wealth preservation tool.

To achieve our client’s goals of enhancing their business portfolios and preserving equity, we partner with experienced 1031 exchange companies that are bonded and insured.